Why You Need Tech Pack

You must have aware of the story of 5 blind man experiencing elephant for the first time. This picture which is quite famous and this signifies many things in Apparel Industry and how the Factories interpret the Styles that buyers or Fashion Brands and Private Labels send to them in unorganized format. The factories overseas see your style in quite similar way and they start the sampling and production process exactly the same way. Tech Packs are important to give the right picture to factories how they should proceed with garment development and production. Professional A Tech Pack Designer Can help you with best practice.

Without prior knowledge of your vision and thoughts. Many suppliers overseas Take up the sample development and production process as per their connivance when they are not properly instructed or advised and the result can be quite devastating and the buyer might loose a lot of money and time either re creating the styles or in extreme cases drop the idea of making things again. As a Technical Designer I have came across numerous cases where buyer has done the samples and produce garments which have stitching problems , Prints problem , embroidery not came out as required and so on and they have taken the easy way to get the sample and production done by sending some vague picture for reference and some information which are either not sufficient for the supplier to make the samples or the supplier understood it wrong. This is a very common problem that every brand which takes the short cut faces during the production process. Tech Pack Design is a fairly costly process. However, This will save you from the loss that you are going to bear if you are not following the right way to get your clothing line sheet stand. Following are few points that you should consider while preparing your clothing line sheet to the next level. Those who follow this can make their line stand in the market and do business and gain good return in future. Tech Pack gives the exact visualization of your vision and the process to prepare the Style that you have and also works as a de facto contract between the buyer and the supplier on which your vision and the product outcome closes the gap and come to a point where there is an win win situation for both the buyer and supplier in terms of Time , Money and Business as a whole.

Fashion Studio – Urban Purple Assist Clients like Apparel Brands and Private Clothing Labels with their clothing line sheet and apparel tech packs.Unlike other freelance fashion technical designer we are equipped with all technical tools and expertise in terms of Sample Development, Pattern design assistance, and Garment Production facilities which would help in providing garment description for tech pack sample. Tech packs are style dependent so we do not provide any technical pack templates rather we create customized fashion tech pack as per the style specification and garment fit specification sheet.

To know more about Tech Pack Design and its Requirement in Apparel Production Please go through http://clothingtechpack.blogspot.com. Please visit us for more details. Check our Freelance Fashion Designer Portfolio on the link.


Steps to Build Design idea Before Tech Pack Design

Steps You Should Consider While Building Your Apparel Line-Sheet

Giving shape to your apparel design idea needs active guidance of a tech pack designer. Moreover it needs the involvement of pattern maker and clothing manufacturer. But to guide them the involvement of a tech pack designer is a must. To convert a style idea to wearable finished sample garment it has to go through several process. Those process includes pattern making, cutting, printing and embroidery, stitching, washing and finishing. Those processes needs proper guidance as any mistake at any step can lead to a faulty product. A tech pack designer can support you to avoid any mistake in any of those process through tech pack.

Before you hire a tech pack designer it is necessary that your design ideas should be right in place. If you are still not sure about your design ideas, stop and do the ground work first. This will save lot of your time and money. Also, you will be in a better position to convey the tech pack designer when you are sure about what design you want. You should prepare your design idea before approaching a tech pack designer.  Here are the steps to prepare your design idea before contacting tech pack designer. Follow the post and prepare your basic design sheet. This saves your time and money to a large extent.

If the designer is gifted with artistic talent and creativity then obviously the outcome is highly enhanced. Every individual has his own methodology for approaching the problem but even then a designer or a group of designers develop a specific format which assist them in making their task much simpler. This method can then be worked upon in order to develop and improve it for the best of purposes. Irrespective of the stages in the design process there are certain factors which have to be dealt with before starting the works. Some of these may be.

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